Le terrarium

Terrariums are  supercute and you can do lots of recycling. For this one I´ve got some glass containers from the second-hand shop, some stones from  the lake and the soil I had at home (home gardening). This is what I used:

I also needed a piece of a 0,8 mm metallic wire.
First I washed the glass to get rid of grease and fingerprints. Then started making layers.

Now preparing the plant. I chose an artificial plant cos I don´t want to worry about it. As it didn´t have  roots, I made one using a piece of metallic wire. Then did some loops around the stems to make them a little more close to each other.

Then I "planted" the little thing, cleaned up the leaves an borders...and done!


Lace Chocker

This one is very easy to do. First, measure your neck and prepare a needle with a thread that is shorter 4 cm than your neck circumference. Gather some lace with that thread.

Now sew a piece of a satin ribbon on the gathered lace. The ribbon should be the size of your neck.

I used a ziper foot to be able to sew as close as possible to the edges of the ribbon.

Sew the ends of the ribbon (the ends should have 2cm of free ribbon each side, as the gathered lace is shorter than the ribbon).

Now its almost done...

I also made a little bow for the front, but it was just fine without it also.



Bustle skirt tutorial

This tutorial is a mix of 3 other bustle skirt DIY that I found on the net. You will need: light weight cotton fabric, lace, and some pins.

First cut 3 rectangles of fabric: the first 1m x 25,5 cm, the second 1,5m x 30,5 cm, the tird 2m x 35,5 cm.
For the waistband: cut a rectangle of fabric measuring your waist measurement (where you want the skirt to rest) + 63 cm x 15 cm. Mark 1,5 cm of seam allowance on all edges.

1- Make the bottom edges of the rectangles round, sew lace around the bottom edges and gather the top of the rectangles to make the ruffles.

In this picture all the layers have been gathered. Seam allowance was marked on the waist band.

2-Sew across the gathered line to keep the ruffle in place.

3-Repeat the process in all layers making them 1,5 cm shorter than the previous one.
4-Sew the 3 layers together and mark the center.

5-Waistband: Ion the seam allowance and fold/press the waist band in half.

6- Mark the center of the waistband and pin it to the center of the skirt. Sew the waistband in place.